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On the 8th of May 2020, the Australian Government announced a three-step plan to restart the economy and return as many people as possible to the workplace. Each State and Territory is in the process of individually activating their plans depending on their circumstances. workspace365 operates in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and our clients are receiving notifications by each State owing to differing State rules and regulations.

workspace365's priority is to ensure that our clients return to a safe and healthy environment and enable them to continue to run their businesses at optimal levels.

We trust our clients to use common sense during this period and a zero-tolerance policy will be adopted to any adverse behaviour directed toward our Staff.

We have refined existing measures and implemented new measures outlined below to make the return to work as stress free and safe as possible for all our clients;

Frequent cleaning

  • Our cleaners will continue to clean our offices daily
  • Our staff also ensure that all common areas are wiped down with disinfectant during the day
  • The focus is on cleaning touch-points and workspaces to meet Australian health and safety regulations
  • Hand sanitizers are available at Reception, Kitchens, and Communal spaces. 

Physical Distancing

  • We have reorganized the capacity of our meeting rooms, break-out areas, communal spaces, business lounges, balconies and café booths to meet the social distancing guidelines of 1.5m apart and 4 square meters per person.
  • Signage and protocols are in place to ensure minimal person-to-person contact.
  • Lift and Stairwell protocols are in place in each building as appropriate.

Food and Utensils

  • Biscuits, fruit, and infused water have been removed at this point from our communal kitchens.
  • We encourage all Clients to wash their own cutlery and crockery before use and place them in the dishwasher after use.

Meeting Rooms

  • We have re-organised the capacity of our rooms to ensure they comply with the physical distance guidelines established by the government.
  • The COVID-19 capacity is detailed in the description of the room on the portal when making a booking.
  • In addition to the physical-distancing measures, we have ensured that all meeting rooms are sanitized after every meeting.
  • Web-Conferencing facilities are also available.

Printers, Coffee Machines, Refrigerators, and other common equipment

  • We encourage Clients and associates to wash or sanitize their hands before using common machines and equipment. 

Visitor Registration

  • Visitors will be required to provide details to our reception prior to entering the offices.
  • No visitor/Member/Client is permitted to enter our premises if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19. These symptoms include flu like symptoms such as; elevated temperature/cough?

  • No visitor/Member/Client is permitted to enter our premises if they have been or they may have been exposed to COVID-19 until they have been tested and received an "all clear".

We thank our community for your communication, patience and support during this time and we do hope to be able to transition back to work together with ease.

If you have any questions regarding these measures, please do contact your Centre Manager.

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