Private Mediation Rooms Available in Geelong

When running a business, it is not uncommon for managers or colleagues to have to address sensitive matters in a confidential environment to ensure team cohesion and productivity. The setting is important here, and if your workspace isn’t equipped, it is likely the session will not be as successful as possible.

At workspace365, we have a range of dedicated, private mediation rooms in Geelong. Each can accommodate up to 24 people, enabling businesses to have important one-on-one conversations or group discussions, all in one location. There is also an inclusive seating arrangement with a large table sat between attendees to further assist with presentations or the management of documents. What’s more, there are also whiteboards, projectors and screens available to share further information with others.

While you will always find that our equipment sees regular upkeep, our onsite staff will be happy to offer assistance if you have any issues in the set-up or use of our private mediation rooms.

Our Wider Services Beyond Private Mediation Rooms at workspace365

The need for overly-expensive, sprawling office space is no longer needed by many modern businesses. Today, greater productivity and profitability can be found by embracing flexible working arrangements that help teams collaborate and focus in environments best suited to their schedules and budgets.

In addition to private mediation rooms in Geelong, workspace365 also have a range of facilities, amenities and services available to assist businesses in their growth. These include:

  • A highly-trained staff ready to assist with covering your phones and attending to administrative duties
  • Dedicated office spaces for your workforce
  • Business lounges and break-out areas
  • Virtual office capabilities to introduce a professional, physical address while you work remotely
  • Coworking areas to operate with other business owners
  • Fully-equipped meeting rooms
  • And much more!

Find Private Mediation Rooms That Meets Your Needs In Geelong

Our expert staff is available to aid you and are well-equipped in meeting the delicate demands of those going through the challenging process of mediation.

Enquire today via the booking form or contact us on 1800 967 5669 for assistance.


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