3 Reasons a Digital Marketing Agency Chose a Coworking Space

By Admin | Blog | 20 Oct 2021 |

Digital marketing is a field that has taken the advertising world by storm since the mid-2000s. Everywhere we look, our attention is saturated with the immense creativity and expertise of well-curated digital campaigns, covering every sector, service and product imaginable.

There’s one key reason that digital marketing experts are in such high demand: we spend almost all of our lives online these days. Here at Workspace365, we understand how the digital field can be isolating and overwhelming, to say the least.

We’re definitely not alone in this observation, as there has been a huge uptake in digital agencies opting into co-working spaces since the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re thinking about changing up your office environment and looking for a new frontier of inspiration, read on to hear why shared office spaces could be your ultimate solution.

  1. Marketing thrives in a social space

While clients often believe that the success of marketing is based on the strategy and creativity of the campaign, experts know that any kind of advertising is truly a psychological gig.

Capturing the attention of individuals in a world saturated by e-commerce and opportunities is truly challenging… so keeping ahead of trends and coming up with innovative concepts is essential to your success. Having social areas to bounce off other creatives and collaborate organically is the perfect way to share and incubate ideas without the competition of a large agency’s ecosystem.

Access to meeting and conference rooms also allows for conferences and whole team meetings to kick-start projects and celebrate successes, which are essential elements of maintaining morale in such a highly competitive industry.

  1. Bang for your buck

If you’re in marketing, you understand the importance of promises and calls to action… so let us proposition you with one. Co-working spaces are especially valued due to their ability to keep overhead costs low while providing a high-quality working environment with refreshment stations, group panels and more.

If you work solo or in a small team, having the collective environment of similarly minded individuals and an in-built community are all bonuses you can cash in on, simply by optimising your office choices.

  1. Look to the facts and figures

You don’t have to trust our words – you can also check the stats. Researchers Deskmag and Deskwanted have proven that productivity and morale significantly increased in 75% of professionals who use shared office spaces.

Whether it is placebo or psychologically proven, there’s no denying that co-working can bring vibrancy and a sense of belonging that every marketing professional seeks to sharpen their skills.

We could go on, but we know that the best way to sell is short, sharp and sweet. Our message is simple: if you’re looking for a way to optimise productivity, increase morale and improve your offerings, you’re on the right track.

All you have to do now is try this out for yourself, and get in touch to discuss an arrangement with us today. Better ideas and increased productivity for your company starts here.


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