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5 Reasons why Coworking Spaces are Good

By Lynn Truong | Blog | 22 Aug 2018 |

Coworking Spaces

Businesses opting in for coworking spaces are increasing across Australia, these spaces are designed to be dynamic, open plan and can be tailored to any company who use them. What they offer is flexibility and functionality that won't break the bank! Especially for start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises that are low on budget. 

So what is included in a coworking space? Everything and anything that you could possibly ask for, this includes all administrative duties, reception service, phone answering, cleaning, operations, you name it. Coworking is suited for those who are trying to keep expenses low especially if you are a startup.

1. Affordability

Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming fit outs with huge capital cost's including; security deposits, IT infrastructure and office furniture/equipment. No set-up is required utilities and equipment including a dedicated workstation, pedestal, 3 power outlets and USB charge station are provided. Just bring your laptop and get to work.

Coworking spaces offer individuals, startups and also freelancers with the option to work in a fully set up office without breaking the bank. This means you avoid traditional office rental fees such a commercial bond, office equipment, staffing cost, energy and related bills. It is as simple as bringing in your laptop and getting straight into business!

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2. Flexibility

Startups and freelancers often struggle with finding a work environment that gives them the flexibility to scale their team. If you are a startup founder looking to increase your headcount within the next few months, signing up for a two-year office lease is the last thing you want to do. This explains why an increasing number of startups are moving into coworking spaces.

By offering membership options that range from dedicated desks to private offices, coworking spaces can provide the flexibility that so many startups need, especially in the early stages of growth.  For instance, a founder with only two or three employees might initially consider hotdesking, before switching to a small office as her team expands.

3. Convenience

Another reason that startups are flocking to coworking spaces is because they offer an alternative day to day inconvenience of managing an office space. By handling everything, coworking spaces gives entrepreneurs, startups the opportunity to manage their limited resources more efficiently so that they can devote all their attention to business matters.

4. Networking

Coworking in a shared office environment gives you and your business the ability to collaborate, innovate and network with other like-minded professionals.
Joining a coworking space is somewhat similar to joining a community, Its a great way for small to medium enterprises to network and collaborate.
Many coworking centers have dedicated areas for conversation and collaboration and also have networking events that brings the whole community together. 

5. Work-life balance

The good thing about coworking is it provides the individual tangible boundaries of when and where they work. Being able to change scenes depending on what you are doing increases your overall productivity as research shows. No more 9-5 working in a box rather be apart of a open plan community where people inspire people. 

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