5 Reasons Why Coworking is Perfect for Accountants and Bookkeepers

By Admin | Blog | 11 May 2021 |

The new era of working from home and remote employment is bringing about a shift in the corporate world, no matter the niche or industry you work in. We’re seeing the popularity of coworking spaces soar far and wide, rising to prominence as a flexible solution for teams, individuals and entire companies.

As well as a wide array of traditional coworking devotees, modern professionals are turning to these facilities to fill the gaps of the typical, old-school office. In no industry is this more evident than service professionals, such as accountants and bookkeepers, but virtually anyone is able to take advantage of this shift too.

So in this article, we’ve compiled our top five reasons why coworking spaces make the ideal hub for accountants and bookkeepers specifically.

Why financial professionals should make use of shared offices

1. A community of professionals

Coworking spaces bring together a network of professional contacts that can share knowledge, bounce ideas off and help grow your business. If you’re missing the social aspects of the workplace, you might just find your new coffee buddy sitting next to you. Best of all, they will usually be in a different industry, company or role, broadening your professional horizons.

These destinations are also a great hub for your ideal clients, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and those who are unlikely to have the capacity to host in-house accounting and bookkeeping services. Many coworking spaces will hold networking and social events, so if you’re looking to get your name out, you can even put your name down to host a masterclass or two!

2. Modern professional facilities

You’re guaranteed to have a clean, modern space in a coworking environment, with facilities for you to be able to book conference rooms and private offices, as well as a variety of different seating configurations to meet your needs. While your favourite cafe may be a nice place to sit and work with a latte and an avo smash, you are handling sensitive financial data, as well as having discussions with clients. This is likely not suitable for a public setting, and you should carefully consider your ability to maintain the security of your client’s data (and your legal obligation to do so).

3. Professional services

As coworking spaces continue to gain popularity, they are also scaling to maintain a competitive edge. Most will have onsite receptionists, access to virtual assistants and a physical mailing address (as well as a range of other administrative support options) at competitive rates for members.

For example, Workspace365 has a readily available, full-time administrative assistant or receptionist on hand to back your business. This approach means you only pay for the resources that you need, giving you a return on your investment that’s well worth it from the get-go.

4. Low setup costs

Keep your overheads low (particularly in the startup phase) by using the ‘plug and play’ high-tech conferencing setups we have available, high-speed internet, and other resources ready for you to snatch up. Similarly to the aforementioned professional services costs, leveraging the scale of the space to share costs of resources will allow you to keep your costs to a minimum - and that’s always a win.

5. Flexible memberships

Especially great for accountants and bookkeepers who take on contract work, have variable schedules, or like to travel. Many memberships are on a month-to-month basis or allow you to amend and hold your membership as needed. Upgrades and individual room hire also give you flexibility when it matters most, and ensure that your package is tailored to your workflow. If you’re not sure what kind of membership suits your needs best, we always recommend getting in touch with our friendly staff.

To explore how a coworking space might work for you, reach out to one of our consultants today.


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