5 Ways Hybrid Workspaces Can Benefit Mental Health

By Admin | Blog | 20 Jun 2022 |

According to professional research, addressing well-being at work increases productivity by as much as 12%. Aside from that, good mental health enables staff to cope with any challenges and setbacks while also ensuring they remain active when changing roles and responsibilities. (1)

For these reasons, you'd want to enhance the mental health of your employees. One way is by leasing hybrid workspaces, such as those provided by workspace365. This makes remote working possible as you can seamlessly collaborate and communicate with your team members wherever they are.

With that in mind, here are five ways hybrid workspaces can benefit mental health:

1. Boosts autonomy

Generally, most organisations have specific scheduled working hours, which can adversely influence productivity, augment stress and result in exhaustion. This lowers employee autonomy as they have to strictly adhere to structured programs that can mostly work for the organisation and not for individuals, leading to mental distress and burnout.

The good thing is that hybrid working spaces like those provided by workspace365 allow people to choose when and how they'll work. Instead of working in set hours, they work in the most effective and efficient hours. This minimises stress and work pressure, enhances job satisfaction, and boosts morale, thus improving their mental health. 

2. Fosters work-life balance

Work-life balance can indeed impact the mental health of workers. A poor work-life experience results in stress and unhappiness. This is because employees have to spend most of their time doing work-related activities and feel they're neglecting other essential elements of their lives.

On the other hand, a good work-life balance mitigates the stress employees experience. It enables them to feel more in control of their working life, thus leading to improved productivity. 

In addition to that, you can improve work-life balance by:

  • Focusing more on having a flexible working environment and not burdening employees with a lot of work simultaneously
  • Creating a happy workplace environment
  • Allowing your team members to take short vacations once in a while
  • Enabling social connections
  • Building a routine life outside work


3. Minimises workplace stress levels

Certainly, every organisation's goal is to achieve the desired profits through business expansion. However, to accomplish this, you may sometimes be forced to impose long working hours on your employees, tight deadlines, heavy workload and even make not-so-rational organisational changes. This can significantly impact the mental health of your employees. 

Luckily, hybrid working spaces cut short all of these harmful effects. When your staff don't have to come to the same place daily, they can seamlessly balance induced work stress and much-needed relaxation. This considerably helps in lessening workplace stress, thus preventing burnout among employees.

Some other benefits of preventing workplace stress include: 

  • Enhanced individual productivity and responsibility
  • Increased work engagement 
  • Reduced injuries, illness and lost time
  • Better team communication and morale

Therefore, consider checking out what workspace365 offers and the availability in your area to know which will become your go-to option.

4. Leads to better employee satisfaction

Ideally, hybrid workspaces enable employees to balance their office work and social lives. It also allows them to select when and where they'll work from. This way, they can effortlessly fit and mould their work around their private lives. As a result, your team’s desires have been met, promoting more positive emotions and good mental health.

You can also improve employee satisfaction by:

  • Putting them first and listening to them
  • Rewarding and recognising their good deeds
  • Maintaining transparency in communication
  • Showing them respect

5. Encourages connections both virtually and in real-life

Building stronger and broader connections can significantly improve employees' feelings of happiness and self-worth. Staff who perform their duties full-time from home may feel less connected to their employer's co-workers and detached from the main business activities. This limits their social interactions, reducing the sense of social connection.

Fortunately, hybrid workspaces enable you to embrace technology and establish virtual connections for staff working remotely. Also, you can utilise various tools to promote collaboration and relationships socially. Besides that, allowing employees to come to the office flexibly will enable them to meet their colleagues and interact in real life.

Therefore, by promoting these connections, the hybrid work model boosts employee mental health. According to research, connecting with another can lower levels of anxiety and depression, boosts self-esteem, develops empathy toward other and be more cooperative. (5)


Hybrid workspaces can benefit mental health in numerous ways. This, in turn, has a positive impact on the productivity of your team members. Therefore, if your employees struggle to work fully from home or the office, you can consider hiring a hybrid workspace to boost autonomy, minimise workspace stress levels, and encourage social interactions. Ultimately, you better the mental health of your workers.


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