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Whether it is to register with ASIC, or complete your online profiles for ongoing digital marketing, one of the first steps of getting your business started is having an office address.  

For some freelancers, start-ups and growing businesses, this can often pose a problem, as you and your team work remotely. But what else is there when you can’t afford a dedicated office space?

Well, why not opt for a practical, virtual office instead throughout Australia? Here are five ways a virtual office space with workspace365 can help your budding business thrive.

Boosts reputation with a credible address.

Whether it is deliberate or on a subconscious level, potential clients, partners and investors will closely review your business presence before entering into any dealings. With a virtual office, you can maintain your credibility and professionalism with a reputable address attached to your brand, acting as both your physical location, alongside the destination for your phone calls and mail.

Not only will you be able to maximise it across platforms like Google My Business, your website, and social media platforms, but can also leverage it to gain more trust among customers and business connections.

Saves money from overheads or capital investment.

Setting up a dedicated office space is another big step that, nowadays, often becomes an unnecessary hurdle. Don’t let this stop you when you can take advantage of a virtual office address already established and waiting to accommodate your needs instead. It can also save you the costs of office supplies, furnishings, and even utilities like high-speed internet and electricity.

Widens horizons with opportunities to network.

Having a virtual business address in a thriving CBD grants you more opportunities to widen your network. For one, you can attract a larger talent pool when you’re not tied to the confines of a traditional office location. There are also the capabilities to meet new acquaintances or your next customer in person in a professional setting, as well as broadening your contacts in multiple industries thanks to fully-equipped coworking areas and Flexi desk options.

Improves service with a dedicated virtual receptionist.

comprehensive virtual office package at workspace365 has complimentary receptionist and administrative services included. This saves both time and money on having to hire dedicated staff to manage phones and mail, as well as prepare dedicated spaces for presentations and meetings.

Promotes personal privacy and safety.

Most business owners overlook that company information is accessible on a public online register. As such, anyone can simply go online and locate your registered office address. If you were inclined to use your home address due to the lack of an official business address, this might put your privacy and safety at risk.

Whether you are a freelancer, start-up or growing organisation, there are many ways for your business to thrive with a virtual office address. For more information about the range of services we have available, contact us at workspace365 today.