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A decade ago, you might not have heard of the term ‘hybrid working model’.

Today, it’s becoming one of the most popular team organisational approaches for businesses of all sizes right across the country.

But why? What is hybrid flexible working, and why is it driving more business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers to consider moving away from traditional office space to rent and instead invest in coworking spaces?

In this article, our experts at Workspace365 will provide you with everything you need to know about the hybrid model and the advantages of adaptable work environments.

What is Hybrid Flexible Working?

The hybrid working model is a system where employees split their time between working from home and working from a physical, flexible office. It combines the benefits of remote work with the advantages of a traditional office space to rent. 

The model brings to the fore the concept of ‘flexible workspaces’ – work areas that provide flexibility for use by different individuals based on varying work schedules and needs. Here, the workforce isn’t tethered to one spot in the office, but has the freedom to move around and use different spaces within the workspace based on the task at hand or their personal comfort.

Why the Hybrid Working Model is the Future of Work

The universal nature of modern technology, particularly communication and collaboration tools, has made a significant shift in how we work possible – the ‘hybrid working model’.

Increasing conversations about maintaining a work-life balance are leaving the hybrid model of working gaining ground, with teams in various industries desiring the perfect mixture of professional collaboration and personal flexibility. The ability to contribute tangibly to the workplace while enjoying the comfort and flexibility of working from home has many employees embracing this work arrangement. 

Buoyed by the proven success of remote work during the lockdown periods, businesses are warming up to the idea of permanently implementing the hybrid working model. But flexible workspaces are integral for such models to flourish, thus driving the demand for coworking office space to rent that caters to such needs. 

Discovering the Benefits of Flexible Office Spaces for Hybrid Working in Australia

Businesses and freelancers across Australia are reaping the benefits of office spaces that offer flexibility in many ways, including:

1. Increased Productivity and Job Satisfaction 

Flexible workspaces and the hybrid working model go hand in hand when it comes to boosting productivity. The chance to switch between home and office keeps employees refreshed and staves off burnout.

Furthermore, by having an office space to rent that’s easily accessible when needed, employees feel empowered. It fosters a sense of trust, driving job satisfaction and, in turn, productivity. 

2. Cost-Efficiency 

No one wants to pour money into an office space that remains unused half the time. Flexible workspaces allow businesses to only pay for what they use, when they use it. The hybrid working model means employees are not always onsite, resulting in significant savings – a win-win scenario for businesses and their budgets.

3. Fosters Collaboration and Creativity 

The hybrid model promotes a balance between focused solo work and collaborative team sessions. Renting office space on demand creates the ideal environment for brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and team-building exercises. Such flexibility fosters an atmosphere of innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

4. Attracts a Diverse Talent Pool 

What is hybrid working if not flexible, inclusive, and diverse? Offering a flexible office means your business can attract talents not just from different parts of Australia, but the entire globe.

By not tying employees to one physical location, businesses open doors to a diverse talent pool unlike ever before. 

5. Scalability

As your business ebbs and flows, so can your office. A flexible workspace can adapt to the changes in size and needs of your company. Whether you need more desks, meeting rooms or open spaces for workshops, your flexible office space can accommodate.

6. Wellness and Work-Life Balance

A gentle reminder – always consider humans. Human-centric businesses understand that a good work-life balance is vital. Hybrid models with flexible workspaces encourage healthier work habits and improved work-life balance, promoting overall employee wellness and satisfaction.

Find an Office Space to Rent Embracing the Hybrid Working Model with Workspace365

Whether you’re an established business or a budding freelancer in Australia, Workspace365 offers multiple options tailored to the needs of hybrid flexible working across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. From office space to rent for collaborative projects to personalised workspaces for those pivot days, the ingredients for an optimum work-life mix are just a click away. 

Take a tour of Workspace365 today and start experiencing the benefits of flexible workspaces. Your employees, balance sheet, and peace of mind will thank you for it!