6 Reasons HR Should Embrace Coworking Spaces

By Admin | Blog | 11 May 2021 |

During the COVID-19 pandemic, HR managers everywhere had to rapidly pivot to new ways of working, establish support networks for newly remote employees and deal with strategic shifts to the structure of the workforce for which they are responsible.

At the forefront of change and resilience in the workforce, HR’s role in the changing world is to find scalable and adaptive ways to manage a dynamic workforce outside of a traditional working model. We’ve gathered together some of the top reasons that coworking spaces should be included in the HR model of future working.

1. Flexible, scalable resourcing

Flexible plans with coworking spaces allow you to only pay for the resources that you’re using. Increases and decreases in headcount (such as changing work patterns, adoption of flexible working, or conferences and planning days) can be arranged with ease, as coworking spaces are highly adaptive to changes in client volumes and have a variety of facilities and resources to suit your needs.

2. Cost-efficient

Utilising operational scale to share the burden of fixed facilities costs through the coworking model allows lower fixed costs distributed throughout department headcount. This means you can opt for a per-user, per space option or even flexible contracts that suit your specific circumstances. We encourage you to speak to our team for a tailored option.

3. Adopting hybrid models of working from home/office

Modern sentiment surrounding working remotely or from home tends to favour a hybrid model of in-office and out of office working arrangements. Given that this can result in variations of headcount, by utilising a coworking space, your employees are able to control their own time and arrangements, rather than being constrained by fixed facilities resources.

4. Access and amenities

Whether it’s facilitating after-hours access, stocking up the fridge, or organising who is using the meeting room next, your shared office will have a dedicated team who will manage the facility for you.

5. Networking opportunities and resources for staff

Employees will have the benefit of exposure to new industries and ways of working, which in turn will develop their ability to innovate and bring new ideas for the company. This level of engagement is invaluable for HR managers and can serve to reduce employee turnover by dishing up fresh sets of ears to bounce their ideas off. This is great for getting feedback without a conflict of interest coming into play.

Our spaces also have an abundance of networking events on offer, and professional resources that your team can take advantage of.

6. Better work/life balance

Providing your employees with amenities to encourage work-life balance and healthy behaviours outside of a work from home environment (e.g. bike racks to encourage daily exercise and increased mobility) can encourage them to form good habits in the process.

Encouraging socialisation and engagement with their peers by proximity to great coffee, food, and outdoor spaces - without the need for paying a premium for dedicated office space - can help your teams stay connected.

To explore how a coworking space might work for your organisation, reach out to one of our consultants today.


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