Co-Meeting Spaces – the New Way to Hold Meetings

By Admin | Blog | 3 Feb 2022 |

Meetings are an unavoidable aspect of most business operations. Whether you are discussing strategies with internal team members, hosting clients or prospects to review offerings, or meeting with investors or board members to cover more top-level management material, you will need to have facilities and/or communication capabilities enabled to ensure these meetings are as productive as possible.

Unfortunately, too many businesses today do not have these capabilities readily on hand, either relying on costly external venues in hotels and hospitality establishments, or simply making do with repurposed floor space in their offices. It is because of this that co-meeting spaces are becoming so popular as the new way to hold meetings. In this article, the workspace365 team breaks down the potential benefits of co-meeting spaces for your operations.

Fully Furnished & Ready Upon Request

An open space laid out with professional furniture, such as spacious desks and comfortable chairs, as well as presentation technology and complementary refreshments, can go a long way before the meeting has even begun. Rather than wasting precious time in your schedule getting an area ready for the meeting yourself (not to mention the additional expenses), meeting rooms in these flexible spaces can be reserved by your organisation and will be ready upon request. Dedicated cleaners will have the room looking spotless, specialist interior designers have already selected respectable, yet functional furniture, and you can also keep your guests comfortable with a selection of coffee, tea and water. 

Cost-Effective Alternatives

Meetings are common, but they are not being run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Why, then, would you lease expensive office space with a range of meeting rooms if you don’t always need them? Co-meeting spaces afford a more streamlined business model where you can operate in smaller or remote locations, while still making use of these equipped spaces in a range of locations across the city for meetings. This simultaneously accommodates both the geographical considerations for your guests, and your bottom line, leaving you only needing to outlay funds when the rooms are required.

Accommodate Businesses of All Sizes

Regardless of being a multination corporation, or a freelancer still finding their legs in an industry, holding productive meetings is essential for success. Co-meeting spaces are ideal as they provide a variety of locations that can prove ideal both for in-person meetings and virtual office capabilities. For example, an executive travelling to a new city on behalf of their company can host their guests in a dedicated meeting room. Also, a contractor utilising the benefits of a co-working space can still conduct professional meetings in private with clients or business partners.

Take Advantage of the Fully Equipped Meeting Rooms Available with workspace365

If your business is searching for fully equipped and professional meeting rooms, alongside affordable coworking and flexible office space, review the multiple locations available from workspace365 today. To learn more, contact us directly by calling 1800 967 566.


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