Co-Working Spaces In Sydney

The Best Co-Working Spaces In Sydney

By Admin | Blog | 28 Jan 2020 |

How can co-working spaces improve your business culture? Here we uncover how the best co-working spaces in Sydney can improve your business outcomes.

The benefits of employee satisfaction

It is no secret that higher employee satisfaction leads to a happier working environment. However, it results in much more than that. Studies have shown that employee satisfaction accounts for 37% of job performance, and accounts for nearly 50% of occupation commitment (Bakan and colleagues 2014).

To add to this, when employees are happy in their jobs, they are more engaged and motivated in their work. As a result, you can minimise micromanaging and get on with your task at hand. That means focusing on value-adding activities to help your business grow.

Coffee – A cup of happiness…and increased profits

Free coffee is an easy and great way to make employees happy. Our premium co-working spaces in Sydney provide delicious barista-style coffee – meaning your employees will be ecstatic, and more productive.

A survey conducted by Keurig Green Mountain showed that a whopping 89% of employees found good coffee made their workday much more happier and productive. Without their daily cup of coffee, over a third of staff felt exhausted, irritable and unproductive, with 20% feeling disorganised.

On the other hand, when coffee was supplied, employees felt alert, productive, less-stressed and helped with critical decision making.

Picturesque views

At workspace365, all of our professional offices are located in prestigious Sydney locations. As the best coworking spaces Sydney, we have offices at 66 Clarence Street, 20 Bond Street, 37 Blight Street, 203-233 New South Head Road and 520 Oxford Street in Bondi Junction.

These prestigious locations mean you can work while enjoying 360-panoramic views of the best sights Sydney has to offer.

More than just a great view

Studies from Warwick Business School demonstrate that a picturesque environment leads to increased well-being and productivity (Seresinhe, Preis, and Moat 2015). People spend much time in their work environment, and it dramatically affects their mental health. Therefore, having magnificent views with natural lighting can improve positivity significantly in the workplace.

Longer distance views also result in a break from the computer screen. This results in allowing the eyes to refocus, which reduces headaches, fatigue and the long-term effects of light strain.

Stress-free environment

Coworking spaces have been found to increase employee wellbeing. According to (2018), 71% of employees found they were able to relax more at home after working in a stress-free environment.

Co-working spaces foster collaboration and allow a seamless exchange of ideas. A free flow of ideas encourages innovation as it encourages employees to go that step further and take chances. A friendly environment also reduces barriers in asking for help, meaning employees can feel more comfortable when they require assistance. This dramatically reduces confusion and stress.

Our workspace365 premium serviced offices can increase your employee satisfaction and reduce employee turnover. Call us on 1800 967 5669 to see the best co-working places in Sydney or browse our website to learn all the information you need to get started today.


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