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Modern Corporate Conference Venues

By Admin | Blog | 25 Mar 2020 |

When holding a corporate conference, the venue you choose can be make or break. Naturally, you will want to choose a venue that will impress your guests –but will it fit your budget and have everything you need? When searching in Brisbane for corporate conference venues to hire, here are some important factors to consider:

What is the best location?

As one of the most important factors to consider, the location of your venue needs to be easy to find, easy to get to and in an attractive location. A good tip is to choose a corporate venue that is near easy to identify landmarks. This will greatly help if you have any attendees that are not from Brisbane.

This also relates to transport. How are your guests getting there? Are they driving their own personal vehicles or relying on public transport? Make sure you look into a corporate conference venue that is located within walking distance to public transport stops such as taxi, train and bus stops. Also make sure that there is secure underground parking for the attendees that might be driving in.

What facilities does it require?

Do you know exactly what facilities and services you will require on the day? If it’s for a presentation, will you need to be online to access or stream anything? The facilities that are available to you is crucial when choosing from a list of preferred corporate conference venues in Brisbane.

At workspace365, all our business conference venues are fully serviced and equipped with the latest IT infrastructure. This includes audiovisual equipment should you be video conferencing with attendees online, the fastest enterprise-grade internet for a lightning-fast and solid connection, on-site technical support and much more.

Will it reflect your brand?

As the brand of your business is everything, will your desired conference venue adequately reflect the image and professionalism of your brand? Are they willing to be flexible when it comes to opportunities for branding if you have a particular idea in mind? We offer elegant and modern corporate conference venues in Brisbane at prestigious locations including 179 Turbot Street, 167 Eagle Street, 1024 Ann Street and 307 Queen Street.

Your guests can indulge in the breathtaking panoramic views of the circumferencing CBD skyline as they relax in ergonomic and comfortable corporate seating. Our professional reception staff will also greet your guests in the main lobby under your business name. We provide a selection of tea, filtered water, barista-quality coffee and also offer additional catering services upon request.

What about afterwards?

After the conference has finished, what happens afterwards? What if your guests want to go out for drinks or dinner? Being located in prime locations in Brisbane, our conference venues are situated near various entertain spots such as Eagle St Pier. Celebrate a successful event at the nearby Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill or kick back with a drink along the Brisbane Riverat the Jade Buddha Bar.

For information regarding our corporate conference venues, call us on 1800 967 5669 to see how we can help you.


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