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Should You Consider Coworking in Sydney?

By Admin | Blog | 29 Nov 2019 |

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups, SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) and even larger corporations have realised the many benefits that coworking in Sydney has to offer. But how do you know if it’s right for you? Does working around other people in a shared office space really provide a collaborative work environment? And who really benefits?

The downside of working from home

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers can work from home, which sounds like the ideal option that every working strives for. However, the glamorous life of working from home can have its ugly side. Many freelancers and entrepreneurs can succumb to a lack of structure. Being your own boss and dictating when you start and finish work can be a blessing in disguise.

A sleep in here and there won’t hurt, but it can lead to the start of a slippery road of bad work ethic and bad habits. Little things such as getting distracted and realising you’ve just watched an hour of tv can slowly build up into a lack of motivation.

This is when coworking in Sydney with workspace365 can turn this around.

Promoting productivity

Each of our coworking spaces in Sydney promotes productivity by working alongside like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Who else can understand your situation better than someone who is in the same exact situation? With a collaborative work environment, monthly catered networking events, workshops and talks from professionals across various industries, you will be working in a coworking space that is just as driven for success as you are.

A professional image

When you rent a coworking space with workspace365, you gain access to one of five prestigious locations in Sydney including 520 Oxford Street, 37 Bligh Street, 203-233 New South Head Road, 66 Clarence Street and 20 Bond Street. This presents an established image to your future and current clients as your business will be operating under a premium CBD-listed address and phone number.

Fully equipped

As all of our coworking spaces in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are fully serviced, there is no need to bring anything else other than your laptop. Unlike working from home, where the internet going down can slam the brakes on your business, our coworking spaces have the latest high-speed internet and IT infrastructure. We also have technical support on-site should any issues arise to ensure that your business is always running smoothly.

Professional services

To make sure you nail that important first impression, our coworking spaces provide professional services such as mail handling, admin services and reception services who will answer your phone calls and greet your clients under your business name. You can then take advantage of our professional meeting rooms which are fully equipped with AV (Audiovisual) gear, whiteboards, modern leather chairs, natural lighting and incredible panoramic views of the city below.

If you’re considering coworking in Sydney, then get in contact with workspace365 today. Browse our website to go through our transparent pricing list across all the plans we provide or call 1800 967 5669 for more information.


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