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By Admin | Blog | 18 Jul 2019 |

What's Better, Working From Home Or Coworking Melbourne Offices?

Many entrepreneurs and freelancers have all asked themselves this question at some point: “why work at a coworking Melbourne office when I can just work from home or a café?”. Well, the answer is in the data. According to GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Conference), 25, 968 coworking spaces are estimated to be open worldwide by 2022, compared to 2015 which saw 7, 805 opened. This means around 2, 595 coworking spaces have been opened each year since 2015.

If those statistics indicate that coworking spaces are increasing in popularity, then what is the argument for the benefits of working from home as opposed to coworking Melbourne offices? Working from home may be cheaper, but it can come at a greater cost in other areas. To help provide context to the argument, let’s take a look at the benefits of working from home compared to a coworking space when it comes to office and IT equipment.

Working from Home

A popular argument is that making calls from home is easier than a coworking Melbourne office, as you won’t have to deal with the noise of an office full of co-workers. Of course, this is assuming you don’t have any family members, flatmates, pets, children or noisy neighbours at home. Working from a mobile phone may be handy, but it can give your business an unprofessional image when advertising a mobile phone number.

Some people may think that all you need is a laptop, a mobile phone and an internet connection to easily work from home. This can help, assuming you have a strong and secure internet connection and are working with solid IT equipment that can support your workload needs. Also, if your equipment breaks down or experiences an IT failure, then your business can suffer until you have fixed the issue.

Working From a Coworking Melbourne Office

At Workspace365, we provide premium coworking spaces in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBD that feature the latest office equipment and IT infrastructure. Calling clients is made easy with our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems, which allow you to easily join and set up phone conferences. We also provide professional phone answering services who will answer with your business name, so you’ll never miss an important call or potential business lead again.

Our coworking offices also provide the latest business-grade internet connection (that actually works when you need it to). This means that you won’t have to worry about issues such as the internet going down right when you need it to work, slow connection speeds or data limits from restrictive home internet plans. There’s no need to purchase any equipment, install any wires or set up anything. Our IT services and equipment are ready to be used from the moment you sit down and we have IT technicians on-site should any IT problems arise. This allows you to fully focus on what’s important – your business.

Our coworking Melbourne offices are fully furnished with modern and comfortable office equipment such as ergonomic and supportive office chairs, flexi-desks, HD desktop monitors and much more. With regular cleaning and maintenance services, all you need to do is come to work and focus on your business – we’ll take care of everything else.

Our IT capabilities at Workspace365 are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many benefits of renting one of our coworking Melbourne office spaces. For more information about our coworking Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney CBD office spaces, visit our website today.



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