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By Admin | Blog | 27 May 2019 |

A Third Of Our Lives Are Spent At Work – So We Better Enjoy It! The Workspace365 Coworking Melbourne Offices Promotes Productivity, Creativity And Happiness To Ensure We Enjoy Time Away From Home

According to an analysis at Huffington Post Australia, on average we will spend 13 years and two months of our lives at work, which is around 4, 809 days. That statistic can seem daunting when dealing with the daily grind of traditional office life. It’s our interpretation of those numbers that dictate how we feel about spending so much time at work. At our coworking Melbourne offices at Workspace365, the daily grind of the typical office work space is replaced with a collaborate and motivating work environment that promotes contentment in the workplace.

At Workspace365, we have four premium coworking Melbourne offices situated in the heart of the Melbourne CBD including Collins Street and Bourke Street. Each of our coworking spaces features comfortable and relaxing breakout spaces that provide barista style coffee, a variety of teas, filtered water, natural lighting and shower facilities. You and your staff will benefit from a structured corporate community of like-minded professionals that is not typically found in traditional office spaces.

As we want to promote inspiration and motivation in all of our coworking members, we host catered monthly networking events where staff can socially interact and strengthen their work relationships. We also have “wine-downs” every Friday afternoon at our coworking Melbourne offices so staff can relax and unwind after a long and productive work week. With a professional work environment that is positive, engaging and promotes creativity, coming into work becomes a home away from home.

Having a CBD business address from one of our coworking Melbourne offices makes transportation a breeze. With bus, train, taxi and tram stops located within walking distance, staff will have no trouble getting to and from work – and neither will your customers. We have affordable and flexible plans with a transparent pricing structure to ensure that there are no hidden fees and no lock-in contracts.

Enjoy coming to work at one of our premium coworking Melbourne offices and experience why more and more people are turning to coworking office spaces. Whether you are looking for coworking office spaces in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney CBD, Workspace365 has all your needs covered. Browse our website today to find out all the information you need about our services.


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