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How a Coworking Space in Sydney Promotes Motivation

By Admin | Blog | 27 Nov 2019 |

One of the most important factors for businesses, apart from growth, is the morale of their staff. Since growth can’t happen for a business unless its staff are fully engaged, motivation is critical for staff to stay productive and efficient. So, how exactly does a professional coworking space in Sydney from workspace365 achieve this?

The ideal work-life balance

‘Job burnout’ can be the disastrous result of an employee who has been over stressed, overworked or suffering from a lack of motivation. However, one of the biggest contributors is not having a proper work-life balance. Without access to the right facilities and amenities, many workplaces are susceptible to this.

At workspace365 however, each coworking space in Sydney is designed with this issue in mind. We have premium coworking spaces situated in prestigious locations including 20 Bond Street, 37 Bligh Street, 66 Clarence Street, 203-233 New South Head Road and 520 Oxford Street.

This means travelling to and from work is extremely convenient with taxi, train and bus stops located close by. Staff will be in close walking distance to various entertainment spots, gyms, restaurants, shops and cafes. We also provide meditation rooms, outdoor breakout areas for relaxing, calming natural lighting, incredible views of the Brisbane skyline from every floor and more.

A motivating work environment

A problem that staff working individually and entrepreneurs working from home can have in common is that a sense of isolation can be demotivating. By renting a premium coworking space in Sydney from workspace365, you become surrounded by like-minded professionals who are driven. This creates a collaborative and motivating work environment that encourages staff to succeed through positive reinforcement.

We host weekly catered events such as talks from professionals across various industries, informative workshops focussed on upskilling, and social events where staff can network with other professionals. We also have ‘Friday winedowns’ where staff can kick back, relax and socialise over a well-deserved drink and get a head start on their weekend.

Ensuring your staff have everything they need

Your staff can only produce high results as long as they have everything they need to succeed. Issues such as the internet always going down right when they need it, printers jamming or just lacking the right equipment can cause a large amount of stress. To ensure these issues don’t become a problem for you and your staff, our coworking spaces are fully serviced.

This includes high-speed internet with a consistently solid connection, the latest printers, scanners and photocopiers, professional meeting, board and training rooms, a state-of-the-art telephony and IT infrastructure and much more. You and your staff will also have the support you need; when you need it. In the event of any IT issues, there is on-site technical support as well as professional reception, admin and mail handling services.

Contact workspace365 today for a premium coworking space in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and have your staff working in an encouraging work environment that promotes motivation and productivity. Call 1800 967 5669 or browse our website for more information regarding our services.


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