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Are You a Graphic Designer Searching for an Affordable Creative Space for Rent?

By Admin | Blog | 22 Sep 2020 |

When you are a freelance graphic designer looking to stand out from the crowd and secure your footing in the competitive world of business, finding the right creative space is crucial. It needs to comfortably meet your budget, be situated in a prestigious location and be fully serviced with everything you’ll need – all while not having the aesthetically displeasing appearance of a traditional office cubicle.

Sound more like wishful thinking than a reality? Well at workspace365, you can easily find an affordable and fully serviced creative space for rent in prestigious locations right in the heart of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane!

We will have your back

We understand that as a graphic designer, having the right equipment is vital to growing your business. All of our coworking spaces in Australia are fully serviced with all the equipment you’ll need such as HD desktop monitors, high-speed internet, video conferencing equipment, printers, scanners, photocopiers and more.

Our coworking spaces also feature on-site technical support, ensuring that no matter what type of IT issue threatens to disrupt your workflow, it will be quickly resolved so you can continue business as usual. Our friendly team of professionally trained reception staff also provide mail handling and call forwarding services.

To ensure you will never miss an important package or business call, they will answer all your calls under your business name and accept all your business deliveries. All calls will be either forwarded to your personal line or you can choose to call back when it’s more convenient for you. All of your business mail will be redirected to your personal address or our staff will bring it straight to your desk!

A strong sense of community

More than just a creative space for rent, all of our coworking spaces also feature a strong and supportive community. You will be working alongside many other like-minded and creative professionals who will understand exactly what it’s like to run their own business.

We also host monthly events such as workshops and talks from industry professionals to help hone and improve certain skills, networking events for building and expanding your professional contacts, and weekly ‘wine downs’ for socialising and kicking back after a long week.

An inspiring work environment

We understand that a stuffy office space isn’t exactly the best place to inspire creativity. This is why all of our coworking spaces across Australia feature open work environments that are filled with calming natural lighting. Each workstation offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding CBD skyline, parks and other iconic sights such as Bondi Beach.

Each kitchen is fully serviced with microwaves, spacious fridges, flavoured filtered water, selections of fragrant tea and, most importantly, barista-quality coffee machines! When on your break, relax in our many outdoor breakout areas and soak up the sun to fully recharge your batteries.

Whether you’re searching for the ideal creative space for rent in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, you’ll find it at workspace365. To discover more information about our monthly membership plans and how you can get started, explore our website to learn more or contact us today on 1800 967 566 to find out how we can assist you today.


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