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By Admin | Blog | 23 Jun 2020 |

There are many obvious advantages to keeping a business’s employees happy and healthy. It allows their staff to stay engaged, focused and sharp. If your staff have been finding that life in a cubicle is decreasing their productivity or creativity, then making the switch to Brisbane coworking spaces can help to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Here are some of the ways our coworking spaces can help to improve your staff’s workplace wellbeing:

Designed with functionality in mind

While the introduction of monthly workshops, professional talks, social networking events and other benefits have been promoted to improve overall wellbeing in co-working spaces, the office spaces and the centres themselves are also extremely influential. Distracting fluorescent lighting and drab grey partitions used to be the typical trademark of a traditional office. 

However, this has all rapidly changed as many building managers across Brisbane have realised the many benefits architecture has on wellbeing. For example, lighting plays an important role in how our brains choose to apply productivity and function, so all our coworking spaces have natural lighting with panoramic views of the surrounding CBD and parks.

A better balance of work and personal life

Not only do coworking spaces provide many benefits that boost wellbeing across the board, moving away from the traditional and routine work week further supports this as well. Shared office spaces can help balance your workload much easier with the ongoing pressures outside of work. Your staff have access to the outdoor breakout areas around the clock, and because our coworking centres are accessible 24/7, your staff can design their own work hours around other commitments that they may have. 

This is incredibly beneficial for employees that have families or who are trying to manage study and work. It provides them with a space that removes the stress of time management that a traditional nine-to-five job can have. 

Working in a like-minded community

The one major downside of the explosion of technology over the last couple of decades is the increase of social isolation – what many are experiencing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Even though it can be a positive such as setting your own schedule and having more options when it comes to a social life, many people in social isolation from a community or from regular social interactions can become a rising health concern.

At workspace365, you can work alongside a diverse range of industry leaders, freelancers and entrepreneurs to create an atmosphere which promotes creativity through inspiration. Because you will be working with groups and individuals from a vast range of different businesses and industries, you aren’t in direct competition. No internal politics or workplace stress!

If you are searching for fully serviced, affordable and flexible Brisbane coworking spaces, turn to us at workspace365. Contact us on 1800 967 5669 today or explore our website to discover our range of premium coworking spaces across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 


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