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3 Main Trends for the Flexible Workspace Market in 2020

By Admin | Blog | 26 Mar 2020 |

With the global coworking space market estimated at a value of $26 billion worldwide, it is obvious that shared coworking spaces are the future. As the older generations retire from the workforce and the Millennial generation fills the professional gaps, around 65% of staff that work in flexible workspaces across the world are under the age of 40.

So, as the market continues to boom, what are the flexible workspace trends to keep an eye on in 2020?

A focus on staff wellbeing and retainment

Generation Z and Generation Y are climbing the professional ladders and entering more senior management and executive positions. As a result, businesses are more persuaded to accommodate to the hectic lifestyles of their workforce. Because more and more workers are able to switch jobs easily, businesses are focusing on shared flexible workspaces to keep their staff engaged and happy.

This is why our coworking spaces in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are situated in prime CBD locations. With a variety of restaurants, cafés, bars, high-end shopping boutiques and entertainment venues all nearby, our members can easily manage their work-life balance.

Our members work in large open spaces with natural lighting to create a calm atmosphere without distracting fluorescent lighting. They also enjoy their breaks in modern kitchen fit-outs with outdoor breakout spaces, selections of tea, filtered water and energising barista-quality coffee machines.

More corporations using coworking spaces

No longer ideal for just SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses), freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs, more large corporations from various key industries have realised the value they can gain from renting a premium flexible workspace.

Whether it’s serviced private offices or furnished coworking spaces, they are ideal solutions for situations such as temporary project space, not having enough office space, managing workflow during renovations and more.

This not only provides the immediate and fully serviced space they need, but is also a much more cost-effective alternative as opposed to entering a lease with a real estate for a traditional office space.

An increased demand for technology

Technology has always been important for businesses, but 2020 is seeing an increase in the demand for coworking spaces to be fully serviced with the latest technology to meet the requirements of their members. As many businesses rely heavily on their online components, this is a crucial factor in 2020.

At workspace365, we’ve anticipated this trend by ensuring all our flexible workspaces are fully equipped with everything our members need to run and grow their businesses. Each of our shared working spaces is fully equipped with the latest IT infrastructure, high-speed internet, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephones, printers, photocopiers, scanners, computer equipment, office furniture and much more.

We also offer tailored services such as professionally trained reception staff, administrative support, mail handling, client greeting, telephone answering services and more. All our flexible workspaces are also regularly maintained by cleaning staff, so you don’t even need to clean up at the end of the day!

Call us today on 1800 967 5669 and find out how a serviced flexible workspace from workspace365 can benefit your business.


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