Inspired by Surf Coast – Swapping the boardroom for beaches

By Admin | Blog | 13 May 2021 |

The Surf Coast of Australia is one of the most gorgeous stretches of coastline in the country, with its picturesque beaches, pristine surfing conditions and scenic rain-forests. It is also home to an array of industry-leading small businesses from a range of different niches – including Workspace365.

While we are a national company that provides collaborative environments for clients across Australia – including 18 prime locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – we have noticed a trend in recent times. People are venturing away from the CBDs, capital cities and concrete jungles of Australia, switching them out for more inspiring and picturesque locations.

Now, our team connects these outer-city brands with flexible office facilities in locations like Torquay, allowing them to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Introducing the Inspired by Surf Coast website 

This sense of lifestyle meets convenient work was first noticed by the Surf Coast Shire Council, which actively highlights local businesses on its Inspired by Surf Coast website.

Recently, there have been plenty of positive news stories in this region, inspiring the council to create a website to share them with the world. These pieces promote the area and its local companies, emphasising the synergy between local brands and the place they call home.

Workspace365's joint chief executive officer Michael Benson was invited by Inspired by Surf Coast to talk about our business’s experiences. Particularly, we were asked to discuss the growing SME (small-medium-enterprise) and start-up boom in the local area and three locals using the flexible work environments.

Mr Benson said there had been a trend evolving over the last five years where people were moving to places like Torquay for the lifestyle that was on offer. As Torquay is a booming region, there is an expanding population and opportunity to be part of developments and communities etching themselves into the history books. For this reason, we opened our premises here, providing the facilities these businesses craved for their young and growing community.

The clients using Workspace365 facilities 

The iconic Bells Beach is Australia's premier surf break and is home to world-class competitions. It is also inspired local Sophie MacGregor to create her company This is Incense, and their first scent – featuring tea tree, eucalyptus and sandalwood – to reflect a bush walk near this hotspot.

Sophie said the Workspace365 environment is modern and full of space and light, featuring a strong community vibe that helps inspire them daily.

Meanwhile, every small business and start-up needs someone to manage their accounts, which further prompted Sahil Kansal to create Business Books. Straying away from metropolitan centres means Sahil loves keeping busy in his Workspace365 environment, complete with a wide variety of SMEs and start-ups alongside him. As Business Books is such a small team, he said the atmosphere in Workspace365 meant that they never feel alone.

Finally, Jamie Nosworthy created the marketing technology firm Tiger Pistol from home before branching out into flexible offices in Melbourne and Torquay. She said this provided the perfect sense of balance in her life, which is a significant reason why her small business is still well and truly thriving.

We also collaborate with local companies BoardRiders, Ginger Monkey, Coastal Locksmiths and Koble builders – to name a few.

To find out how Workspace365 can benefit your business, contact our team today – or view a list of our locations near you here.


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