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As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, many people have had to work remotely and experienced the pros and cons that come with working out of their living room. Unless you already work from home under a virtual business address, this sudden impact on your daily life and routines can take its toll.

Here are some helpful tips to help you stay focused when working from home:

Start your day with a routine

In order to stay focused when working from home, having daily routines is important, such as starting each day with a morning routine. This can be as simple as enjoying a morning cup of coffee before starting the day or a morning workout routine. Creating a morning routine before starting work will help you have a sense of normality and will condition your mind to start each day on the right foot.

Finish the day with a routine

As with starting your day off with a routine, also ending the workday with a routine will help you wind down and switch off ‘work mode’. This could be having a checklist to go through to ensure all daily tasks have been completed or watching your favourite tv show. It might even be a simple routine like turning off your computer as soon as the time hits five o’clock every afternoon. If you’re having trouble getting or staying focused throughout the day, having a consistent morning and afternoon routine will help your body adapt to your set working hours.

Make sure you take scheduled breaks

If you have been working remotely from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, then it can be easy to forget the importance of having scheduled breaks. Giving yourself time away from the computer screen at set times is ideal for your mental health as well as your eyesight. Continuing to stick to a 30 minute or an hour lunch break with two 15-minute breaks throughout the day is important.

Remember to still socialise

Home isolation can lead to loneliness and a feeling of disconnection from the real world, especially with extroverted people who are used to socialising. Even though you are confined to working from home, it is still important for your mental health to stay in contact with your colleagues. For example, you can start a Skype or Zoom chat group where you and your co-workers can touch base, discuss common interests and ensure everyone has the support they need. Even for people that are introverted and aren’t the biggest fans of socialising, interacting with other co-workers online will keep their mind active and help create a work-life balance.

Whether you are working from home using a virtual business address or still adapting to working remotely, following these tips will help you to stay focused and implement healthy work habits.