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By Admin | Blog | 24 Jan 2020 |

Everyone knows that impressing your clients is integral to first acquiring them, but also retaining them as future customers. Doing this can be anything from having a prestigious CBD-listed address to conducting client meetings with impressive meeting facilities in Melbourne.

Here we will run through some key steps to impressing your clients.

The professional first point of contact

You have to think of what the customer will see when they first contact you for your services. Currently, are your clients being referred, enquiring through your website or contacting you via social media?

Next, you need to assess and analyse the impression this is providing to customers. You want to ensure you are providing a consistent professional image.

Prestigious location

There is no doubt that the further your client is going through the sales funnel and increasing their chances of making a sale, they will start to investigate where your office is located. Having an office in Melbourne CBD reflects professionalism and success to your clients. Being surrounded by successful corporate giants and world-renowned restaurants provides a premium impression.

If having an office in the corporate centre of Melbourne sounds too expensive, look into hiring a co-working space. We offer affordable co-working options with no lock-in contracts. Even better, we are entirely transparent with our fees and offer a pay-as-you-go structure.

Love working from home, but still want a business address listed in a premium location? No problem as we also offer virtual office options. This means you can benefit from having a CBD-address and phone number, without even leaving your front door. In addition to this, with our virtual office membership, you will also have access to our modern meeting facilities Melbourne.

Show that you are easy to communicate with

Nothing screams a lack of professionalism than extremely delayed responses, or worse, no response at all.

Ensure you are answering all potential customer queries promptly (preferably within one business day). Otherwise, you risk them losing interest and choosing a competitor instead.

Impressive office

A potential customer gives you a call, you answer all their queries, and it looks like they are potentially on boarding.

So, you organise a meeting right in your home office.

Something about that sentence doesn’t seem right…

Impressing your clients also means having an impressive office. Luckily, our state-of-the-art offices are designed with modern fit-outs to show your clients you mean business. The 360 panoramic view of the CBD skyline demonstrates prestige. Our offices have premium meeting facilities in Melbourne so you can pitch to your potential client in class and with confidence.

In addition to this, our lightning-fast internet will ensure there are no embarrassing blunders such as inconvenient IT failures. That way, you can focus on the things that matter, such as your clients.


Studies even show that first impressions do count, as dressing well commands more respect and leads to greater business success (IT Workforce 2013).

However, it is essential to dress in respective to your type of business and its image. On the other hand, if your business is more relaxed, then it may be more suitable to be dressed in smart casual. 

Lastly, it is essential to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Feeling uncomfortable can reduce confidence and impact your delivery in meetings.

The client has you now

Whoever told you that bring self-employed means being your boss was lying - the client is your boss now. Unfortunately, as Jeffery Gitomer said, 'Your customer is your paycheck.' So, go above and beyond to make them happy. Say yes, but also manage expectations and deliver on your promises.

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