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If you are planning an upcoming meeting or training session, you may spend a lot of your time thinking of the agenda and talking points, your resources, and the ideal time in each of the attendees’ calendars. 

But don’t forget that your chosen venue can also be a proud ally or a serious distraction. 

Booking meeting rooms isn’t just about locking in a space. It’s about finding a location that promotes more dynamic interactions and allows communication and innovation to thrive. 

With an array of meeting room rental and boardroom options for hire across Australia, our team at workspace365 are here to help you choose the best solution for your needs. In the article below, we will cover some meeting room essentials, as well as tips on how to get the most out of the space available to you. 

Meeting Room Essentials #1: Size and Layout

An appropriately sized and well-arranged training room can enhance participant comfort and engagement. Select a room that caters perfectly to your team size—spacious enough for movement, yet intimate enough to foster a sense of camaraderie. 

Here’s where you should take into account the nature of the meeting. Will it be a brainstorming session requiring a more open, flexible layout, or a formal presentation that demands a traditional boardroom setup? 

With workspace365, you can select a layout that suits your needs when you book meeting rooms in one of our locations.

Meeting Room Essentials #2: Technology and Equipment

A meeting room in the digital era isn’t complete without a robust technological framework. For example, you may have to rely on interactive presentations to better display your points with the attendees. With this in mind, reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi, advanced projectors, screens, and other tools will prove indispensable. 

And let’s not overlook the significance of solid conferencing capabilities, ensuring your remote participants feel as included as those in the room. Even the best-planned meetings can fall victim to technological hiccups, hence the need for on-site tech support or straightforward audio-visual equipment.

At workspace365, we provide meeting rooms for hire equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offering seamless connectivity for your devices and digital platforms.

Meeting Room Essentials #3: Location and Accessibility

Location and accessibility are two sides of the same coin when it comes to the meeting room selection process. To accommodate your team members, partners, or clients, always choose a space that’s easily reachable via public transportation, and equally important is the availability of ample parking facilities. Selecting a CBD location can be an ideal option to help with these matters, even if your offices are situated in outer suburbs. 

Meeting Room Essentials #4: Comfort and Amenities

When you’re trying to build a warm relationship with clients and partners, or enable your team to be at their very best, comfort isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Adequate lighting, comfortable seating, and optimal room temperature can significantly impact a meeting’s productivity. Clean, modern amenities like restrooms, end-of-trip facilities, breakout spaces, and kitchen facilities contribute to a pleasant experience. 

Moreover, imagine having on-site, complimentary tea, coffee and snack options at your disposal when you book in a room for a conference — keeping those hunger pangs at bay, enhancing focus, and adding a touch of hospitality that your meeting attendees will appreciate.

Meeting Room Essentials #5: Cost and Availability

Meeting room costs should be transparent and provide value for money. Before signing off on that boardroom for hire, ensure you understand the cost structure, search for hidden expenses and consider special packages that offer more bang for your buck. 

Given the financial investment, availability is another point to consider when booking meeting rooms. The room you select should align with your meeting schedules, and the booking process should provide flexibility in case of changes or cancellations.

Meeting Room Essentials #6: Beyond the Basics

A truly exceptional meeting room goes above and beyond the essentials, offering unique features and services that set it apart. From innovative interior design promoting creative thinking to exceptional customer service assisting you throughout your booking and use of the room, these extra touches can elevate your meeting experience. For instance, workspace365 offers services like reception assistance and mail handling, adding to the ease and convenience of your meeting.

Meeting Room Essentials #7: The Local Area

The local area surrounding your chosen meeting room can also add value to your meeting experience. Nearby restaurants, parks, or cultural landmarks can offer places to continue conversations or unwind post-meeting. 

The Recipe for Successful Meetings

Booking the right meeting rooms involves carefully balancing size, layout, technology, cost and more. Keeping these essentials in mind when booking a meeting room will put you on the path to successful, productive meetings.

At workspace365, we have a selection of meeting room rental and boardroom options available for hire across Melbourne, Sydney and Queensland. Whether you’re looking for a small, intimate space for a brainstorming session, or to book in a room for a conference, we have got you covered. 

Book a tour in your city or contact us for more information today.