Office Space For Rent Sydney

Office Space For Rent In Sydney

By Admin | Blog | 12 Feb 2020 |

Large established businesses and global organisations don’t face as many obstacles compared to smaller businesses when it comes to finding an office space in a highly sought-after location such as Sydney. As SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses), entrepreneurs and freelancers don’t possess the high spending budgets of larger companies, our coworking spaces provide the ideal solution – a premium office space for rent in Sydney from workspace365.

Here are three main reasons about how our coworking spaces in Sydney will help you to grow and build your business:

They are flexible

Let’s say you move into a traditional office space that can fit around 7 people, which is fine because you have 5 staff members. What happens when business starts booming and you need to hire more staff? Re-locating to a new office is going to be expensive, especially when you’ll be looking at a bigger office space.

When you rent a flexible coworking space from workspace365, upscaling your business to a bigger space is a completely stress-free experience. All you need to do is simply upgrade your plan and you’ll have instant access to a larger office space. What if business slows down? Then you can just as easily downgrade your plan according to your needs.

They are easy and affordable to move into

An often overlooked benefit of coworking spaces is that they are incredibly easy to move into – which results in very low start-up costs. By turning to us for a professional office space for rent Sydney, you won’t have to purchase new equipment or transfer your old equipment. Our coworking spaces are fully serviced, which means you and your staff only have to bring your laptops.

Traditional office spaces require you to be locked into an expensive and lengthy lease with a real estate for years at a time. You will have to pay to either uninstall, transfer, install, and then configure all your equipment at the new office, or buy completely new office equipment altogether.

They are in prestigious locations

Discussing the cost of a traditional office space in Sydney with a real estate can be an intimidating and stressful conversation, depending on how close you want to be to the CBD. But why put yourself through all that when we provide affordable office spaces for rent in amazing locations?

We have coworking spaces located in 520 Oxford Street (Bondi Junction), 203-333 New South Head Road, 37 Bligh Street, 20 Bond Street and 66 Clarence Street. We also provide a flexible and transparent pricing structure that allows you to rent an office space for as long as you need. This is the ideal way to have a CBD-listed business address without being locked into an expensive lease, many which that contain hidden costs such as building maintenance fees and operating fees.

If you are searching for an office space for rent in Sydney that is affordable, fully serviced and flexible, turn to workspace365. Call us today on 1800 967 5669 or browse our website to view our full range of coworking spaces in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


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