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The Benefits of a Premium Brisbane Business Centre

By Admin | Blog | 16 Dec 2019 |

Whether you are searching for a new location to move your business into or wanting a more cost-effective solution to your current office space, a business centre ticks all the boxes. As traditional office spaces increase their already expensive lease contracts, more and more companies in Brisbane are turning to business centres. So, what are the benefits of a Brisbane business centre and how does it relate to you?

Keep staff engaged

A business centre, also known as a coworking space, is a shared working environment where many like-minded professionals work alongside one another. This collaborative atmosphere keeps staff engaged with monthly catered events such as charity fundraisers, workshops, guest speakers and social networking events for creating new industry contacts.

There are modern kitchens equipped with filtered water, barista-quality coffee machines, selections of tea, outdoor breakout areas and even a selection of delicious biscuits for an afternoon treat. We also provide weekly Friday afternoon drinks to help staff unwind after a busy week and ease into the weekend.

Operate like a big business – without the capital

A business moving into a traditional office space is going to require a lot of start-up capital. They will have to pay to pack up, transport and then configure their IT equipment and office furniture – or buy it all brand new. There are also security deposits, building maintenance fees, installation fees and more to worry about, with some being hidden until you have moved in.

When you rent a premium Brisbane business centre from workspace365, we provide fully serviced coworking spaces that are equipped with all the amenities you will need, fully installed and ready to go. From day one, you will have access to an enterprise-grade IT infrastructure with the fastest high-speed internet, ergonomic office desks and chairs, printing, photocopying, scanning, VoIP phone systems, computer monitors and more.

The image of an established business – no matter the size

Meeting with clients can be tricky for smaller businesses who have to travel or companies operating in a traditional office space that don’t have the facilities required. With us, you’ll have access to large and small professional board rooms and meeting rooms. They are equipped with conferencing and audiovisual equipment, whiteboards for presentations, amazing panoramic views of the Brisbane CBD skyline and more.

Always supporting you

We will provide constant support for your business with a range of support services. We have on-site technical support to quickly respond should any tech issues arise, professionally trained receptionist services, admin services, mail handling services, telephone answering services and more.

All these features and more – all in one flexible bill

Our transparent pricing structure means that there are no nasty hidden fees and costs to surprise you once you move in. You will know exactly what you are paying for and all the services you are entitled to – all in one convenient monthly bill. You can scale up or down at any time. With no locked-in contracts, the choice is yours.

To view our many Brisbane business centre locations and for all the information you need, browse our website or contact us directly on 1800 967 5669 today.


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