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How Freelancers Benefit from Serviced Offices in Sydney

By Admin | Blog | 30 Mar 2020 |

The life of a freelancer in Sydney can seem envious to many, but the work from home lifestyle can present its fair share of challenges. Issues such as working from home in their pyjamas can make them feel unprofessional and less motivated. On the other hand, leasing a traditional office space is expensive and requires them to be locked into a lengthy lease with a real estate.

So, with this in mind, what benefits do serviced offices in Sydney offer to freelancers?

The opportunity for networking

As our serviced offices have communal kitchens and open shared spaces such as breakout areas, they will always be mingling and chatting with like-minded professionals. This presents an ideal opportunity for freelancers to grow their business. For example, they might require a web developer or copywriter for a certain project they’ve taken on and will have already met one through networking in the building.

No more lengthy leases

No one likes being locked into a lengthy and expensive fixed lease. Whether freelancers are looking for serviced offices for the long-term or the short-term, we can provide a flexible and affordable solution. Rather than committing to an office lease for up to 5 years at a time, we offer a serviced office for rent on a month-by-month basis. They can also leave at anytime or upgrade their plan should their needs increase.

Front row seat to the heart of Sydney

Renting our fully serviced offices Sydney puts you in prime locations across Sydney. Our serviced office locations include 20 Bond Street, 37 Bligh Street, 520 Oxford Street, 66 Clarence Street and 203 – 233 New South Head Road.

When it comes to business, the address matters. Freelancers that work from a home address can risk presenting an unprofessional image to their clients and prospects. A prestigious business address in Sydney sends out an established and successful image.

Everything you need is already there

As soon as you move into one of our serviced office spaces, everything is already installed and ready to go. You will have access to lightning-fast internet with an established advanced IT infrastructure, photocopying, scanning and printing facilities, modern kitchens with filtered water and barista-style coffee, access to professional meeting rooms and much more.

We also offer professional services including administrative support, mail handling, phone answering, client greeting, on-site technical support and other services.

No time like the present

Packing up, moving into a new office space and then unpacking can be an off-putting chore. As all our offices are fully serviced, there is nothing for you to unpack, install or set up – just your laptop. This is not only convenient but incredibly cost-effective as well.

Moving into a traditional office space requires you to uninstall and pack up all your current equipment, transport it all to the new location, then unpack, install and configure everything all over again.

To take a tour of our spacious and fully equipped serviced offices in Sydney, call us on 1800 967 5669 or enquire on our website today.


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