The Post-Lockdown Demand for Flexible Office Space

By Admin | Blog | 24 Mar 2022 |

Now COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to ease, questions naturally arise around the measures workplaces are required to take to ensure the safety of returning workers. What’s more, given that we have been introduced to alternative ways of working, there is a seismic shift in how modern businesses will now utilise their office space. As a result, flexible office space is continuously growing in demand, and in this article, the team at workspace365 explore why.

Benefits of Flexible Office Space Post-COVID

Flexible Working Arrangements

With traditional office space, businesses are often locked into long-term leases with rigid terms, expenses and durations, making it difficult to downsize or expand as needed. A flexible workspace allows businesses to operate within their means without any long-term commitment, providing adaptability to shrink and grow depending on your short-term or rolling demands. Employees can therefore have more freedom to work from home, or even on a hybrid model. This setup can be especially helpful for start-ups and scale-ups trying to save money on facilities and avoiding the need to relocate.

Fully Equipped Office Spaces

Fully equipped facilities are another benefit of flexible office spaces. Again, with traditional office space, businesses are often forced to rent or purchase equipment and furniture, which can prove expensive, take up valuable space, and often lacks frequent usage. Flexible office space, on the other hand, comes with everything you need before you, including desks, chairs, printers, scanners, and more. This can save businesses time and money and help them stay productive.

Agile Operating Models

At the start of the pandemic, when workforces were forced to shift their operations to their homes, many of us found that we don’t need to confine our workdays between the hours of 9 and 5. Instead, we can obtain a greater work-life balance from utilising our free time. Flexible offices allow employees to operate within an agile model, coming into an office when necessary, but also having the capabilities to collaborate online and via video conferencing technology, anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Workspaces & Meeting Rooms Available

Flexible office spaces offer dedicated workspaces and meeting rooms that can be hired and used as needed. Instead of leasing an enormous space filled with rooms and areas only used sparingly, you can have access to a selection of spaces that can be hired out and utilised for some focused individual work, collaboration, or entertaining guests and clients in a professional environment. These spaces come complete with high-quality furniture, amenities, and even presentation technology to improve your capabilities.

Find the Right Fit for Your Growing Business

At workspace365, we offer a range of solutions surrounding flexible offices and coworking spaces, including virtual offices, mediation rooms, and dedicated workspaces. With workspaces available across the Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane CBDs, we are certain to have the facilities to promote greater productivity and return on investment for your business. Contact us today to get started by calling 1800 967 566.


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