The Rise of Coworking Spaces in the Legal Industry

By Admin | Blog | 5 Mar 2021 |

One of the fastest-growing business movements is flexible and professional environments for companies small and large. While not entirely due to the global pandemic, as shared spaces aren't really a new concept, however their value has grown in the wake of this past year.

The pandemic has provided us with many lessons. As a society we have embraced how technology could be used across various environments, as the world had to adapt to work from home. While this is not new to us here, it has undoubtedly shown individuals – especially those within the legal industry – how flexible employment is possible. How, with the right tools and resources, it's a highly effective long-term choice.

Lawyers and Flexible Coworking Spaces

Flexible coworking spaces have the potential to revolutionise the way the legal industry operates. While WFH provides some effective and adaptable options, such as not having high office overheads, it does not typically facilitate high retention of staff, the capacity to fostering relationships or the ability to build communities. Flexible Coworking Spaces can provide a more optimised sense of productivity and employee satisfaction.

Other benefits that come from Coworking spaces, include:

  • Increased Capacity to Build Your Client Base - Lawyers typically get clients based on referrals. Operating out of coworking spaces means you can develop meaningful relationships and increase networking opportunities. This offers the potential for increased client referrals.
  • Privacy - We appreciate the need for confidentiality and privacy when dealing with clients. Given that we provide private offices and boardrooms, it makes the perfect balance for lawyers compared to WFH. The flexibility of spaces is what makes our solutions popular for the legal industry.
  • Location - Lawyers must be in close proximity to the courts, offices and other essential services for their profession to effectively use their time. Accessibility for clients is also important. A flexible office is generally well located within the CBD or large business centres that are centralised. Lawyers appreciate that Flexile Coworking spaces mean they don't have the overheads that come with a lease or purchase in such an area.
  • Stable Internet Connection - The internet is everywhere, but the stability and speed aren't equal in all locations. When lawyers are remotely working, they want the reliability that enables them to operate effectively. With the availability of business-grade high-speed internet, they can be sure they are getting the service they need to do their job accurately and efficiently.

Coworking spaces offer a vast range of benefits.  It provides clients with the ability to moving in without bringing any furniture, phones or organising internet, phone and electricity connections. Many professionals including members of the legal industry are drawn to this convenient solution. Workspace365 offer first-class contemporary layouts that provide lawyers with ideal places to do their job.

So, why is this workplace environment on the rise for the legal industry? Employees are any company's greatest asset, and by ensuring lawyers are working in a place that is convenient, professionally furnished, has collaboration opportunities and all the resources they require is appealing in any industry. As professionals in a fast-evolving technologically driven society, having everything at your instantaneously and at your fingertips is the perfect solution in our modern world, especially for lawyers.


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