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Grow Your Small Business with a Virtual Business Address

By Admin | Blog | 27 Mar 2020 |

One of the biggest issues a small business operating from home in Melbourne will face is their business address. Operating under a residential address increases the risk of privacy issues due to using a personal home address. Operating from a P.O. Box, however, runs the risk of presenting a ‘home business’ appearance to their customers.

A virtual business address in Melbourne presents a solution that gives them the best of both worlds. But first, what exactly is a virtual business address and what benefits do small businesses stand to gain?

What is it?

A virtual commercial business address is the ‘official’ location of a company’s office. It is where the head of the organisation can be contacted by various vendors, customers and clients.

Why do you need it?

Small businesses are not the only companies that can greatly benefit. Startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs can also benefit from the many advantages that a virtual commercial address can bring. Here are some main benefits of turning to workspace365:

  • Mail handling services

Using a P.O. Box not only sends out an unprofessional image, but it also means that important documents and business mail will be sitting at the post office until it is picked up. Our professional mail handling services will call and notify the moment a package has arrived. We can then hold it until it is picked up or forward it to another address.

This is a great way to centralise all important mail and documents. Not only this, but having a professional virtual business address in Melbourne is also helpful for opening up bank accounts and having one central channel for all communication and payments.

  • Prestigious locations

A business with a CBD-listed address in Melbourne is going to more attention than a business operating from a residential address. At workspace365, we have a selection of premium virtual commercial address at 27 Baines Crescent, 90 Maribyrnong Street, 555 Bourke Street, 330 Collins Street, 485 La Trobe Street, 350 Collins Street, and our brand new 607 Bourke Street location.

Not only does this present an established and professional image to customers, but it can also help with customers finding a business online. When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), small businesses can rank and appear higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) due to being listed under a CBD-listed address.

  • Keeping work and home life separate

Operating a small business from a home address not only comes at the cost of personal privacy, but can also blur the line between a home and work-life balance. With vendors and customers contacting a separate virtual business address, small business owners gain back control over their business hours. No more unexpected business phone calls once business hours have closed.

At workspace365, our Go Virtual plans are not only affordable but also give our members additional benefits such as business lounge access, flexi desk usage, access to premium meeting rooms and more.

Contact us today on 1800 967 5669 to find out how a virtual business address in Melbourne can benefit your business.


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