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What is a Virtual Office Space

By Tess McGahan | Blog | 10 Sep 2018 |

What is a Virtual Office? And why are so many people going virtual?

A virtual office package provides your business with an office address as well as the option of a professional line answering service. Although you may not have a physical office space, a virtual office gives the illusion to your clients that you do.

 In addition to providing a great first impression, here are 5 other reasons why so many people choose to go virtual:

  1. Reduces your workload

Managing a mobile office or one from home can be a huge task. Having a virtual office reduces your workload and provides you with more time to concentrate on your core business. Basic administration will be taken off your hands with trained reception staff to answer phones, forward messages, receive packages and handle mail.


  1. Increases your opportunities

Working from home or outside the corporate office environment can be isolating. With 8hrs/month access to the business lounges included in your virtual package, you’ll be welcomed into our collaborative work spaces and have the chance to meet new people. As part of our GO Virtual package, you will also receive invitations to networking events and become a member of our workspace community.


  1. Potential to make your business appear bigger than it is

Having a prestigious office address in a major Australian city, with access to multiple reception staff to answer your calls, conveys the idea that your business is growing. With an option to have an office address in three States, this provides the impression that your business has spread nationally.


  1. Legitimises your business

In a competitive business environment, new clients look for a quality service that they can trust. Assigning a physical address to your business reassures potential clients that your business is well resourced and legitimate. With trained reception staff to answer your calls, it ensures your clients know that their message will be looked after efficiently and provided to the appropriate person within the business.


  1. Flexibility

With administration taken care of, businesses with a virtual office often find that they can be flexible with their work hours. Being assured that someone will represent your business professionally, even when you aren’t available, allows you and your employees to focus on the principal components of your business. A Go Virtual Package facilitates a happier, more flexible workplace, and, provides the potential to grow your business with ease.


If you’d like to learn more about our Go Virtual packages and what else is included, get in contact via phone or email with one of our Center Managers at any of our offices. Call1800 967 5669




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