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Virtual offices aren’t just on the rise across Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney – they’re exploding globally, appealing to businesses across various sectors due to their many advantages, such as enhanced flexibility, improved business image, and significant cost reductions.

In this piece, our experts at Workspace365 delve into everything you need to know about a virtual address for your business, providing insights to determine if this option aligns with your organisation’s needs.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

A virtual office rental is a flexible service that grants businesses, regardless of their size, a prestigious address in a specific location, coupled with services like a unique phone number and mail management/administrative support, all without occupying an actual physical office.

The setup allows businesses to establish a legitimate presence in a preferred area while enabling their teams to work remotely. It offers the benefits of a conventional office setting without the usual expenses and long-term commitments.

Providers of virtual offices typically extend further services such as access to meeting rooms, administrative assistance, and networking opportunities, all customisable to meet the distinct requirements of different businesses. Consequently, the choice to opt for virtual office space is gaining popularity among those seeking a more affordable and adaptable solution than traditional office environments.

How to Set Up a Virtual Office

Setting up a virtual office involves several key steps to ensure your business gains all the benefits of a professional and efficient virtual workspace. Here’s a straightforward guide to get you started:

  1. Choose a Reputable Provider: Research a virtual office provider that suits your business needs. Consider factors like location, cost, services offered, and the provider’s reputation.
  2. Select the Right Plan: Options typically range from basic business address services to comprehensive packages, including phone answering, mail handling, and access to physical office spaces and meeting rooms.
  3. Register for Your Preferred Service: Once you’ve chosen your provider and plan, complete the registration process (filling out an application form, providing necessary business details, and so on).
  4. Set Up Communication Systems: If your plan includes a dedicated phone line or call handling services, coordinate with the provider to set these up. Ensure that all communication channels are aligned with your business operations.
  5. Utilise Mail Management Services: Arrange for your mail to be handled per your chosen service. This might involve forwarding, scanning, or storing physical mail.
  6. Access Additional Facilities: If your plan includes access to business lounges, meeting rooms, or flex desks, familiarise yourself with the booking process and usage policies.
  7. Integrate Virtual Office into Your Operations: Update your business collateral (business cards, website, and email signatures) with your new virtual office address and contact details. Ensure your team knows the virtual office services and how to use them effectively.
  8. Join Networking Events: Take advantage of networking events offered by your virtual office provider to connect with other professionals and businesses.
  9. Review and Adapt: Regularly review the services you’re receiving and assess if they meet your business needs. Be open to upgrading or modifying your plan as your business grows or changes.

How Much Does a Virtual Office Cost

The cost of a virtual office varies depending on the services and features you choose. Workspace365 offers several virtual office plans tailored to meet different business needs, across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

  1. Business Address Plan: Priced from $80 per month, this plan includes a prestigious CBD address, secure mail management, 2-day monthly access to Workspace365 business lounges, invitations to exclusive networking events, and meeting rooms at member rates.
  2. Phone Answering Plan: Starting at $110 per month, it provides a dedicated phone line, professional call handling by on-site staff, up to 100 calls per month, along with networking and meeting room benefits.
  3. Go-Virtual Gold Plan: This comprehensive plan begins at $270 per month. It combines the benefits of the Business Address and Phone Answering plans, adds two days of flex-desk usage per month, and offers access to a national network of meeting rooms.
  4. Platinum Plan: For those seeking a more expansive service, the Platinum Plan starts at $385 per month. It includes everything in the Gold Plan plus two days of private office hire per month at your home centre.
  5. National Address Plan: Also priced from $270 per month, this option provides a prime business address in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne’s CBD or fringe locations, along with the standard benefits of mail management, lounge access, networking events, and meeting room access.

Advantages of Virtual Offices Across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Opting for a virtual office solution from Workspace365 offers our clients a variety of advantages tailored to their specific business needs:

  • Use of Business Lounges: Perfect for those who work remotely, casually, or visit from interstate. Utilise our bespoke business lounges to work and reap the benefits of being part of our community.
  • Mail Management Services: Our dedicated team is at your service for efficient mail handling. We will responsibly receive and sign all your mail at our premises, offering you options for mail forwarding or secure storage as required.
  • Exclusive Networking Event Invitations: We host regular social and networking events across all our national locations, providing an excellent opportunity for you to connect and engage with our dynamic business community.
  • Esteemed CBD Location: Gain access to premium CBD or nearby addresses. This offers the prestige of a high-profile business location without needing a physical office space.

Explore Our Virtual Address Options for Your Business with Workspace365

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