What will the meeting room of the future look like?

By Admin | Blog | 24 Aug 2021 |

Over the past year, the workplace has shifted dramatically in response to the technological and social shift of the COVID pandemic. Here at workspace365, our eyes are firmly fixed on what the future holds.

Some of the key changes over the past two years have been in workplace design, especially in response to travel bans, social distancing and the advent of Zoom. Various industries, such as health care and investment banking, have decided to adopt these changes on a long-term basis. This way they can prioritise the convenience of easily accessible, long-distance communication, rather than the social culture that an in-person office can provide.

Over the course of lockdown, the team at workspace365 has spent many long hours discussing the future of not only our business model but of the nature of business itself. One of our recurring questions is: what will the meeting room of the future look like? Read on to hear some of our thoughts below.

Don’t worry, it won’t just be digital.

Anyone who worked remotely over the past year will be able to tell you that productivity is far reduced from home. Whether you’ve got crying kids, a cuddly cat or simply can’t stop snacking, a home office is convenient – but you can’t get much done.

We also can’t ignore the fallibility of technology. Telecommunication is great when it works, but it quite often doesn’t – particularly when you’re working on WiFi shared with your partner, who’s streaming the latest show on Netflix. There’s also the inconvenience of having a small space or studio apartment. It’s hard to find a quiet time to take that critical call or organise a meeting time.

Technology is the way forward (obviously)

After so much screen time, it’s evident to us all that most companies are lagging behind in their technological updates and integration.

The meeting room of the future is one with a fully operational, multi-way video calling system that allows executives and employees from all corners of the globe to converse simultaneously, without the added burden of inter-state/international travel. This increased convenience will also permit corporations to reallocate travel budgets to the improvement of company facilities, and introduce opportunities for intra-company collaboration.

Collaboration is key

Whether you’re working from home or from afar, there’s always that certain guilt about missing out on a critical opportunity on your day off or being left behind because you needed to take a break. One of the primary benefits of these meeting rooms is the ability to integrate your employees, regardless of location or seniority.

This approach is critically anti-competition and is intended to foster collaboration across a variety of interpersonal and geographical boundaries at an unprecedented level. This change in company culture will also result in heightened employee loyalty and a greater sense of camaraderie, both resulting in increased productivity and improved outcomes for all involved.

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