Why Large Corporations are Turning to Flexible Offices

By Admin | Blog | 3 Feb 2022 |

Modern workplaces are rapidly changing from traditional offices. In this article, the team at workspace365 explore why large corporations across the world are continually turning to flexible offices.


Operating within a traditional office space attracts a range of expenses; from restrictive, long-term leases, ongoing utilities (heating, cooling, water etc.), and even furniture and technology, such as desks, office chairs, laptops, monitors, keyboards – the list goes on. What’s worse, this space isn’t always utilised to its full potential, a lot of this expense, therefore, going to waste.

Flexible offices, however, allow corporations to reserve fully-furnished spaces needed by their teams, only when they need them. With inclusions of utilities and amenities, as well as virtual office capabilities, custom reception and administrative services, and a selection of meeting and conference rooms available, the cost of flexible offices is directly related to usage, offering significant financial savings without compromising productivity.

Flexibility & Collaboration

A growing number of positions today can be completed with just a laptop and a stable connection to the internet. Thanks to advancements in video communications, it is no longer a necessity for staff to be confined to a singular building to complete their day-to-day tasks. After all, some people work best when they are in a fast-paced, high-energy office, but others like time to get away from it all, settle down with some peace and quiet, and thrive on their own.

Flexible offices offer that choice, allowing employees the freedom to both work in the office or remotely. That way your team can be situated anywhere in the world and still have the capabilities of coming together and collaborating on joint projects in an environment that promotes their best productivity.

Better Recruitment & Employee Retention

With the above in mind, employees are given greater power over their work-life balance, which is a growing concern in modern employment arrangements. Not only will this freedom help to improve existing employee satisfaction and retention, it will also make it easier to acquire new talent with such a lucrative offering. Furthermore, given the flexibility of remote working environments, you can even hire full-time employees or contractors from a wider hiring pool, essentially from anywhere around the world, giving your organisation better access to those with impressive skillsets.


A large element of a business is growth, and maintaining environments that will allow teams and processes to flourish. If a corporation is looking to upscale or downsize, yet are tied to a long-term office lease, then there is very little they can do to shift their operations. A flexible office, however, does not have a long-term lease attached. This enables companies of all sizes to continually manage the amount of space required for their team, up-and-down scaling on a frequent basis to maintain and cost-effective, adaptable working arrangement to ensure their team is well-equipped to perform their tasks attached to fluctuating workloads.

Learn More About the Benefits of Flexible Offices for Your Organisation

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