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Why a Remote Work Policy is Crucial for Virtual Coworking

By Admin | Blog | 23 Oct 2020 |

As Australia comes closer to recovering and downgrading strict Coronavirus restrictions, returning to a sense of normality will most likely still involve a large portion of businesses having their staff work remotely. A blended work environment will have staff working a certain number of days on-site and a certain number of days working remotely from home.

Some issues that companies may face with virtual coworking Surry Hills and other areas if not fully prepared are monitoring productivity, workloads and their staff for the long-term. This is why implementing a remote work policy is crucial for long-term blended and virtual coworking.

What important facets should the policy include?

Returning to a traditional working environment will most certainly be changed for the indefinite future. As businesses face the reality of their staff continuing to work remotely, creating a remote work policy must outline the following important facets:

  • Setting expectations and community protocols
  • Outlining policies such as annual and sick leave
  • Setting the terms for on-site and off-site staff attendance
  • Outlining all hardware and software policies
  • Outlining legal rights and applicable benefits and support

How will information be kept secure?

Security is a major concern for companies, whether their employees are working remotely or working in the office. This is why it is vital to ensure a remote work policy includes guidelines and protocols for protecting private business information when staff are working from home.

This can include outlining approved software applications staff should be using for communication and what virtual private network (VPN) they should have installed to ensure their home network is as secure as possible. This can also include outlining unapproved activities which can compromise client confidentiality, such as conducting important and sensitive calls with clients in parks, cafés and other public places.

How will productivity will be managed?

Including outlined metrics for monitoring and managing productivity and individual performance results are important due to managers finding it more difficult to manage their teams remotely. This is why determining the outcome-based (output) and process-based (input) metrics is important according to each employee’s role.

An example of process-based metrics could be measuring how many tasks they have completed each month, how many meetings they have conducted with clients and other tasks related to their monthly workload. Whereas outcome-based metrics could include how much revenue they have made for the business or how many new clients they have onboarded.

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